Positano - Amalfi - Ravello

Positano is the quintessential romantic town, perched on a rock overlooking the crystal clear sea. It offers different beaches such as Playa Grande and Fornillo, both within walking distance, or alternatively, you can choose a route by sea to reach the beaches of Arienzo and San Pietro Laureano. The citizens also offers several interesting monuments such as the Watchtowers or the Palladian Villas as Villa Stella Roman, Palace Walled cc ...

Amalfi is the central point of the coast, from which branches off other small villages, as Maiori, Minori, Ravello and Vietri. The town has to offer, beaches, enjoys a small historic town of great charm, history and tradition. Do not miss a visit to the Cathedral, to which access is preceded by a wide stone staircase, or the Arsenal, where they built the great galleys of the fleet.

Ravello is also known as "spiritual homeland" for the charm of its landscapes and the merit of his villas that have seduced many artists and not national, who came here in search of inspiration. Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone, the Cathedral and many other churches are just some of the places to visit in this small, how pretty, little town.

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