Napoli - Pompeii - Vesuvio

Naples is the capital of the region, the city is worth a visit at least a few days to fully admire: the architectural charm of churches, monuments and palaces, and the flavor and color of traditions along the historic streets of San Gregorio Armeno and Via Chiaia .
The tour also includes a scenic tour on Posillipo Hill, Vomero, up to the promenade of Via Caracciolo, Mergellina, St. Lucia and Castel dell 'Ovo.

The hike starts at the archaeological site of Pompeii, buried in the historic city during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD The excavations in the course, the years have brought to light evidence of the lifestyle of the city and of the wealth possessed. Can be seen a circus, streets, temples, the domus with frescoed walls, the amphitheater, sculptures, graffiti, gardens and fountains.

The excursion to Vesuvius will lead to the discovery of a magical place and out of time. Vesuvius with its crater of about 500 meters in diameter and a depth of about 230 meters, is one of the most fascinating and exciting of the Campania Region. Its park offers a variety of points of interest to visit, ranging from volcanic rocks of the woods. You will be dazzled by the charm of the Valley of the Giants, the Valley of Hell, Mount Somma, Nature Reserve Tirone-Alto Vesuvio etc. ..

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